8 Bit Conservatory

Play Games. Learn Music.

Enter a musical village designed to teach you important musical concepts.

Games are a mix of retro style play and touchscreen play.

Strengthen your musical knowledge and ear with 10 levels of interactive learning and gameplay.

Musical Concepts Covered:

  • Melody - Definition and interactive examples
  • Scales - Audio recognition and spelling of major and minor scales
  • Chords - Audio recognition of major, minor and dominant 7th. Spelling of major, minor, diminished, augmented and dominant 7
  • Intervals - Audio recognition of consonant and dissonant intervals. Spelling of diatonic intervals. Diminished 5th resolution
  • Reading notes on the treble and bass clefs
  • Finding notes on a piano
  • Key Signatures - recognition of all major keys
  • Note and Rest Rhythmic Values - whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes
  • Chord Progressions - Audio examples and roman numeral labeling
  • Chord Resolution - dominant 7 and diminished 7 audio examples


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